Our Subscription Plans

Our Really Simply, Set Fee, Pricing Plans

There have been ZERO price increases since we launched in 2012 - so lock in this old pricing as its inevitable that prices will need to increase soon and existing subscriptions will not increase!


GBP£ 5.00/month



GBP£ 19.99/month


GBP£ 199.99/year

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Everything we offer!
  • A discount of 2 months equivalent
  • Paid upfront

Our free trial offer is a single free audit of any WordPress or Joomla site.
If you like what you see we do, then you can sign-up for a paid subscription. The free trial doesn't have access to any of our scheduling or alerting features.


Your Questions Answered

Locked Into A Contract?

Contracts?! Who do you think we are? We want you to use our tools because you can't live without it not because you're tied down by a contract.

You can cancel anytime in your account, without telephoning us!

Your subscription is terminated right there and then, not at the end of a perceived paid up period, so cancel at the end of a billing cycle for most use.

How Do I Cancel?

In your account. Online. At any time.

Simply login to your account, click 'Account' -> 'Subscription' Tab -> 'Terminate My Subscription' button.

Then provide some simple feedback and cancel within seconds.

Please refer to the full terms linked on every page for full details, but we dont lock you in.

Is this really Unlimited?

We allow you to add unlimited sites and conduct unlimited Audits, Snapshots and use our unique toolset as much as you like.

We will do everything we can to ensure we keep up to speed with the load, we can scale easily!

No one has yet scare us with what they have added to their accounts.

How can I pay, what payment systems do you use?

You can pay with any major credit or debit card. Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Our service is fully integrated to the Stripe.com API Stack in a fully secure and compatible way. Stripe is an industry leader in payment card processing, and they store your details, not us. We never see your payment card details.

We do not accept PayPal for monthly subscriptions due to serious fraud risks and high cross border fees. If you want to discuss a yearly subscription or longer we will accept other manual payment methods, contact me to discuss this.

I have more questions!

Awesome - Just contact me and I'll answer as quickly as I can.

If there is a live chat icon in the bottom right of the screen, click it and live chat right away. I'm online as much as I can be.

Contact Phil